Jennifer Lopez

Everyone who knows me makes fun of my obsession with the lovely and talented diva I’m featuring today. If I were to meet her, I’m still unsure of my reaction. Fainting is possible or I might just confess my life long admiration like a crazed tween girl. Hopefully I won’t do either and come off as sane as possible, partaking in pleasant conversation.  Today I present, Jennifer Lopez.

We all have the one celebrity we’ve become so enamored with and in our eyes they can do no wrong. Jennifer Lopez has sat on top of my artist/celebrity list for quite some time. Not too many believe me but I remember her when she was a Fly Girl on In Living Color. I thought she was so pretty and definitely stood out among the other dancers. A few years later, I was completely taken by her performance in My Family.  She had a small role in the beginning of the film, yet the scene when she crosses the river with a baby was intense to watch.

Before her big break in the film we all know of, she had small parts in Money Train, Jack and Blood and Wine, which I’ve seen too many times to count. Already, she got the opportunity to work with movie titans such as Jack Nicholson, Michael Caine and Robin Williams. Then, she became internationally known for her portrayal of the beloved Tejano singer, Selena. I also grew up with Selena and her amazing music, completely devastated when she was murdered. Even though I wasn’t totally pleased with the film’s direction (Gregory Nava), I believe the biopic of Selena did give closure for her fans, more so because of Lopez’s performance, though she was a controversial choice. It felt like I was actually watching Selena behind the scenes, really getting to know who she was. Lopez did a commendable job and deserved the success she received.

Next, Lopez starred in a few movies I consider to be the Golden Age of her acting career. The roles she chose were daring and challenging and wish she would scope out more projects like U-Turn, Out of Sight, The Cell and Enough. Of course, no one can forget The Wedding Planner, the movie that turned her into a romantic comedy sweetheart, leading to others like Main in Manhattan, Monster-in-Law and The Back-Up Plan.  Speaking of these films, Lopez is the only entertainer to have a #1 album (JLo) and #1 movie (The Wedding Planner) within the same week. Some of the movies she did that flew under the radar, which I believe should have gotten more recognition, were definitely Angel Eyes, Shall We Dance? and El Cantante.

I was sad to read the negative reviews of El Cantante. I thought the direction of the film was true to Héctor Lavoe’s life, Marc Anthony is surprisingly a good actor and brought the infamous singer to life. The role of Puchi was a character Lopez hasn’t done before. This character was loud, obtrusive and demanding. Also, I’ve never seen Lopez play someone that smoked and did heavy drugs. I truly saw a different woman on the screen and was so proud of her performance.

Of course, we can’t forget Jennifer Lopez’s place in music. I remember the first time I heard “If You Had My Love” on the radio and the shock I felt. I never expected she would do music and was impressed and obsessed all over again. Actually, I had to buy a second copy of On the 6 since my ancient CD player scratched up the first from constant use. Growing up, whenever things got hectic and I wanted to escape, I would listen to her music. Till this day, when I get stressed, I turn to my JLo, This is Me…Then and Brave.

Now, eight albums in, she has interpreted her sound according to the times, releasing countless dance anthems and has opened the door for many successful musicians. Her music reminds me of a modern take on 80’s Latin Freestyle, hands down my favorite genre of music.

I do want to counter the harsh criticisms Jennifer Lopez has received concerning her singing ability. She has never claimed or tried to have a voice that can be compared to Whitney Houston, Tina Turner or Barbara Streisand. Like every other pop princess, her voice is light and can easily blend into a beat. If pop singers needed massive voices, acts like Madonna, the pop Queen, and Britney Spears wouldn’t have survived. When it comes to pop stars, the voice is a minor detail and they need more to reel in the masses. They need a certain “fierceness” with an attitude and style to match.

Yet, in spanish, her voice can be compared to the greats. I don’t know what it is but her singing ability is much stronger and has a great confidence. Definitely check out her Spanish album, Como Ama Una Mujer.

Jennifer Lopez’s reign doesn’t stop with films and music. She is also a successful entrepreneur. Her Empire consists of perfumes, clothing lines, countless endorsements and her production company Nuyorican Productions. She started it with her manager Benny Medina and the company has produced a few shows, most recently South Beach Tow, and films such as Bordertown and El Cantante.

Also, this beautiful entertainer and businesswoman can own the title of philanthropist. She is a familiar face at the Children’s Hospital of LA and her involvement with the film Bordertown went further into creating awareness of the women being murdered on the Juárez border. With her sister Lynda Lopez, they have started a charity called The Maribel Foundation that helps women and their children. Their recent endeavor, with the help from Samsung and Best Buy, is the technology TeleMedicine. I can explain what it is, but wouldn’t it be better coming from Lopez and her sister? Watch below.

2011 was an amazing year for Jennifer Lopez. After a few years away from the limelight to raise her twins, she came back with a bang. Along with Steven Tyler, Lopez signed onto American Idol, presently judging her second season. She also dropped your awaited album Love? with her leading single “On the Floor”, the dance anthem last summer. I’m in love with the song and music video “I’m Into You”.  She performed everywhere, in the states and internationally, including the iHeart Radio concert. She looked amazing, performed flawlessly and really put on a show. Through all this, she has two movies set for release soon. Below is the trailer for the film adaptation of What to Expect When You’re Expecting.

I must mention:

Through music, as well as the red carpet, Lopez has shown her impeccable fashion sense, earning the title of Style Icon. Of course, the fashion lover I am, I pay close attention to what she wears. Nowadays, “style icon”/”fashion icon” is given to anyone who can get a stylist to throw something designer on them. A genuine style icon is a personal friend of designers, always dressed to kill, set trends and have a confidence in clothes that can’t be forced. Below are a few looks I loved.







Recently, Jennifer Lopez released another single and music video for “Dance Again”. Before you see it here, rewind and watch classic Jennifer Lopez music videos I can’t live without.

Again, I love Jennifer Lopez! She is talented, beautiful and a great person trying to make a difference in this world. I’m extremely excited about this summer because she will be taking on her first world tour. This is huge! She hasn’t done one before and I’m definitely going. Of course I’ll be updating my blog with anything new Lopez does, hopefully her tour dates soon. I hope everyone can enjoy and be inspired by her as I have.

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