Tarot Cards : Week of August 14, 2017


The pull for this week is quite wicked at first sight, more so after the past weekend.

The Ten of Swords represents surrender, which I know many of us feel from the events in Charlottesville, Virginia. The sunrise does insight a new day, a new beginning and some kind of hope for the moment at hand.

The Five of Swords shows a battle won with great defeat. The emotional man in the background pushes the notion of tragic loss and depression.

Both are Sword cards and deal with serious themes like logic, communication, difficulties and a sharp double-edge.

The Queen of Wands surprised me and I had to do a little research for a stronger impression and interpretation. Off hand, she disrupts the air element of the Swords with Royal fire, bringing in themes like primal energy, passion and determination. She is a Queen, a leader, mother-figure and upholds the law, can settle disputes, give orders and deny permissions, a needed person in situations applicable to our current social climate. Of course, the Queen mother can be one’s self and represent the Queen of Wands we all have within.

The small details within the card like the lions on her throne, the blooming staff, the black cat, pyramids and the sunflowers hit on optimism, magic or superstition, strength, boldness, confidence and ambition.

A lot of ideas are flying around with great will and becoming reality with assertive and possibly stubborn action, which the Queen encourages, ready or not.

My Final Say:

The mere sight of Five and Ten of Swords are images we’ve seen one way or another, indeed reminiscent of the recent news, a repetitive component in our history. With the Queen’s presence in the pull, I can’t help feeling all the present turmoil will go on longer until something drastic can top our past tragedies and make a real difference. The Queen is of Wands and for me represents the start of a journey in relation to the voyage the minor Arcana cards provide.

The raw energy and frustration from the cards mirrors the many sides of the great Equality war, fueling a challenge for us all to take action and blaze a path for whatever goal, idea or ending we have in mind, another view the Queen wants to inspire.

The Royalty aspect is strong, signifying Kingdom fortitude, government, loyalty and service of one’s enterprise and pride. Royalty leads their family, people and army with or against any entity for the bigger picture and, of course, the bloodline. This lends to peace and hostility, two areas we all need to take extreme care with since the mentality of Kings and Gods are stomping their feet in protest.

This is the time to do what we need and want because Kingdoms have been assigned, soon it will be too late and staying above the surface may burn us out.

Enjoy and be inspired!