“Ride” – Lana Del Rey

Yes, another update of the beautiful Lana Del Rey! She has released another music video to promote her next release, Born to Die: Paradise Edition which includes the original track listing with eight new songs, like “Ride”, the music video I am presenting today. For the devoted fan, there will also be a box set available that offers a CD of remixes, a DVD of her visuals, a seven inch vinyl of “Blue Velvet” and four art prints. Also, an iTunes pre-order is gifted with an exclusive track, “Burning Desire”.

The music video for “Ride” is more of a short film. Her voice is so alluring and comforting, singing to the soul, like she’s putting her heart on the line to move us all in some way.

Word is she is working on her next album, which I wish I could fast forward to buy. Make sure to get this album and go all the way with the box set. It hits stores November 13, 2012. Enjoy and be inspired!

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