Prose : My Ode to Women


Oh, women, you gals can’t win. Or, so it seems, according to women. Shamefully, I finally see women’s disadvantages, blinded by my respect, shocked they are also perpetrated by women. I didn’t think there was a barrier between the sexes, but there is and this tension needs to be diffused.

I don’t understand why we treat women like vandals, like people who are desperate for guidance. Religion, a controversial movement, treat women like children.

So sorry.

From day one of my life I’ve considered women as equals, though, my upbringing wasn’t common. Women have inspired me greatly, and still do, unlike men, especially in my family. Actually, there wasn’t one man I could trust, or, even loved.

I wish all those worried about women and their safety, especially for young girls, wouldn’t curb women’s stride, or, at least, specifically, men.

I wonder what would develop over the topic ‘Grown Male’, discussed on an organized roundtable. We can certainly treat each other better, and, do prove to be weak-minded. Men campaign against what I consider freedom and support. For what? Control?

If we must vote on women’s civil liberties, only women should be allowed to vote upon those reforms. Those core issues jeopardize their lives. Being a man, I’ll never endure an abortion, a challenging, emotional and physical feat, the most surprising debate to me. So, why should I vote on such a thing?

Women should vote on women, if need be, as men should vote on men, both without religious influence.

Yet, there is a bone I have to pick with women. Comically and stubbornly, women pit pregnancy against men, so sure we wouldn’t be able to handle it. If men were destined to bear children, with all the fine details, we would have no choice, just like women, and get it done.

And, no, women would have no say on my womb!