Lip Ammunition – Jeffree Star


Earlier this year, searching for Alyssa Edwards videos on YouTube, I found one she did with Jeffree Star on his channel and I fell in like! Star is gorgeous, can kiki like no other and is fun to watch. Of course, I became a fan right before drama broke out involving him and others in the beauty industry. Yet, I wasn’t there to let back and forth comments jade my impression of her and the past is the past. I think he’s great and I want more!

Admittedly, I wasn’t a fan of Star’s music when she ruled the legendary MySpace. But I was definitely aware and appreciative of his personality, her love of pink and how brave she is in being who he is, which is fabulous. Those nails! I live vicariously through her because I want pointy nails but afraid that I’ll get annoyed quickly. So, he can wear them for me!

If anyone is looking for a new shade of lip/eye wear or want to blind the world with one’s cheek bones, check out his cosmetic line. Hurry, because products sell out quick. Also, she supports make-up in general and gives great tutorials and reviews on all sorts of beauty products on his YouTube channel, which are top of the line. Seriously!

Anyway . . . Good luck! Have fun!


Jeffree StarJeffree Star CosmeticsAlyssa Edwards


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